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Jaipur Jeep Safari

Jaipur Jhalana Leopard (Panther) Wildlife Safari


Jhalana is gaining popularrity for it’ s Leopard sightning in their natural habitat.

Apart from Leopard, Jhalana has other attractions such as Striped Hyna, Desert Fox,Golden jackal,Chital, Indian Palm Civets etc.

This is also a must visit location for bird watchers,birds includes Indian Pitta,Dusky Eagle, Owl,Spotted Owl etc.

The leopard is most resilient,the most adaptable and the most widespread of India’ s big cats.

Leopard (Panthers Pardus) has a wide range distribution in India.

The exception of above the tree line in the Himalaya and desert areas.

Im addition, the elusiveness and behavioral flexibility of the leopard allow them to survive near villages and human settlements.

There are around 32-35 leopard in this park.

We guarantee you with 100% sighting.


Leopard ,Striped Hyna, Desert Fox, Golden Jackal, Chital, Indian Palm Civets ,blue bulls , jungle cat and many more .

Bird watchers, birds includes Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle, Owl, Spotted Owlet , Indian roller , sikra , hawk and many kind of birds .

Included :-

Ticket , guide , water , open Gypsy , driver , entry fees , many more.

Extra charge for pick up and drop of .


The safari is lead by guide.

This safari would take around 3 hours.